Man Of Extremes

You know I love you till in hurts
You helped me understand the meaning of the word
'Cause when it's real it hurts, babe
You showed me how to love and eventually I learned
We couldn't worked it out
But all we did was argue who was most at fault
There isn't any doubt babe
Whoever was to blame, it could've been the same result

You're the girl of my dreams
For a man of extremes
Nothing ever seems real enough, it's true

All the people I like are girls
I dig their sound
I love the way they look and feel
Even the way they're earthbound

If we could be reborn
And start it all again in unrelated times
Far from the raging storm
With no need to depend upon a life of crime
Although It's justified
It's a sick society
There's no place left to hide
There's no place to be free

You're the girl of my dreams
Looking for a man of extremes
Nothing's how it first seem, with you

There were forces in my head
Told me I was better off dead
But I found you instead

I'm watching you babe
Our feeling's mutual
I'm healing you for me
You and me