• Woke Up Sticky

  • Transfixed

  • Wildlife

  • Dead Love Syndrome

  • Released 3 June 1996.
    Recorded & Mixed at Chiswick Reach Studios.
    Produced by Marc Waterman.
    Engineered by Nick Terry.
    Transfixed & Dead Love Syndrome produced by Peter Perrett.
    Transfixed & Dead Love Syndrome recorded at Alaska Studios.
    Modelstration by Nik Ramage.
    Photography by Pat Harrison.
    Design by Joern Kroeger.

    Tony Harris, who produced the Alaska Studio sessions recalls:

    "I recorded a few tracks with The One at Alaska Studios in sunny Waterloo. I got the gig via Jay Price who I'd met through producer Tot Taylor.
    I had meet up/rehearsal with the band down at Peter's place in Forest Hill on 3rd Feb 1995 - actually have a unique cassette of that rehearsal somewhere!
    Actual sessions at Alaska were (Monday) 13th, 14th, 15th,16th and 17th of Feb. I note that Peter wasn't very well and didn't turn up until 8pm on day 2. According to my diary we recorded six backing tracks and then did overdubs, I seem to remember finishing 4 songs. We were back at Alaska on the 27th and 28th mixing, looks like we finished "Nothing's Worth Doing", "Falling", "Sirens" and "C-Voyager". I have a note that we left the others as monitor mixes, so that would probably be "Transfixed" and "Dead Love Syndrome", both of which are on the "Woke up sticky " EP, lovingly credited to Alaska Studio but with no mention of me! Next thing I know is they're doing the album with Marc Waterman!
    The sessions all seemed to go very well, but I got the impression that Me and Peter weren't really on the same wavelength sometimes - I think I was a bit "straight" for him. That said it was good fun and I'm glad I did it, Peter is still a hero as far as I'm concerned. I still occasionally run into Steve Hands and Jay Price and they all have happy memories of those days."