Living In My Head

Sitting in my cell
I'm not alone
You're here with me
It's like being home
Staring at my wall
An ever changing view
I could break it down
If I wanted you

I could break it down
If I wanted to

I'm getting scared of you
And what you think of me
Everything you do
Is a message to me
I've seen that look before
I know you disapprove
I'm living in my head
It was never mine to lose

I'm living in a head
That was never mine to use

I'm going to go for help
And talk about my fear
The only time I'm well
Is when you're near
You make me feel so warm
You make me feel content
An angel in human form
You must be heaven sent

I hope that sleep may come
To get me through the night
I know it won't take long
You're gonna make me right