How The West Was Won

If I ever get really depressed
I'll download Tor, buy a suicide-vest
Leave a dirty bomb at a Wall Street address
Gatecrash a Rothschild party and
Leave it in a mess
In a mess
A dirty mess

It started out as a beacon of hope
But the dream of Liberty quickly turned into a joke
The Indians and Mexicans were the first to feel the rope
The blade, the gatling, wagon trains came rattling
Murdered buffalo, brought cattle in, the storm clouds were gathering

It's how the west was won
It's how the west was won
At the point of a gun
Like they've always done

Just like everybody else
I'm in love with Kim Kardashian
She's take over from J-Lo
As my number one
Even though I know
She's just a bum
In another timeline
I would've stared at her all days long
Without ever wanting to see her from the front
God knows I love America

It's a stigma you helped to propagate
In every sense you were profligate
Even your parents ran away from home to escape you
Your best friends all gate you
I don't mean to devestate you

It's how the west was won
It's how the west was won
Head on the spike of a gun
Just like you've always done

It's no mystery
It's your history
It's what you've always done