Oxfords, London 20 Dec 1991

Jez Miller (lead singer with The Pleasure Victims) recalls the gig:

"I remember the gig well. It was the Pleasure Victims Xmas party. Our manager at the time, Maria Davies was a friend/aquaintance of John Perry's wife. They organised this guest appearance between them. Also due to get up for a couple of songs was Timo Kaltio from Cheap and Nasty, but he was way too wasted to play. Although I only met him that night, we now play in a band together with Dave Tregunna (Lords Of The New Church/Sham69). I also remember meeting Dik Mik from Hawkwind there that night.
Anyway, the venue was Oxfords (which housed the Hellfire Club on Saturday nights). John and Peter got up for the encore of AGAP and The Beast, I think. There was a small brawl at the front of the stage, just prior to their appearance. I remember Peter and John being really nice guys, and us all chatting and smoking in the cramped kitchen that served as a dressing room at Oxfords. I don't think they were very impressed by the venue or the Victims if I remember right.

Peter later helped the Victims with some recordings they were planning for release. As with most things the band planned, this came to nothing. The recordings took place at Redchurch Studios, off Mare Street in Hackney and would have been in the Spring of 1992 I think. Jules our bassplayer used to drive down to Forest Hill and pick Peter up, but his appearances were largely scheduled around the football on TV.
Peter was good in the studio, and got on very well with the owner Fred Baggs. The One were going to record their first stuff there, but I think the manager chose another studio.
He did enquire about our drummer at the time, Danny Fury (ex of The Lords and Kill City Dragons), but ended up auditioning and taking Steve Hands.
We supported The One a couple of times, and even got signed from playing a gig with them at the Water Rats. We didn't really mingle too much and Pete wasn't really one for hanging around the venue, from what I recall."