You Gave Birth

I let my body down
I let it down right into the ground
I let my body down
You call it home, just a hole in the ground

I don't know what you want
You say you're out just having some fun
I don't know what to say
You'd say it anyway

You gave birth, there was something wrong with me
You gave birth to my immortality
You gave birth to every living thing
You gave birth and now I wear your ring

I let my body down
I ran it down right into the ground
You're scared to make a sound
In case it all come crashing down

Submerged in luxury
They suffocated taking the heat
Their symbiotic majesties won’t hear a decree

You gave birth in the middle of war
You gave birth like it's never been done before
You gave birth, then you were sutured
You gave birth to words like security and future

She felt the terror cells attack, seduce her
Then deny the fact
She's been discarded from the pack
Medusa dressed in mourning black

I let me body down
I let my body down