The Gallery

The curtain rose
The people on the stage became insane
They married each other
The janitor left it all behind
The audience couldn’t find the door
They stared at each other and they stared all night

The man outside didn’t have the money to get in
It didn’t change his world, he just hung around in earnest
Staring at the sky
He was communicating
He used to keep them waiting
For a little bit longer
That little bit longer

Can you turn the house lights on, I’d like to see
I think to find someone in the gallery
Predictable story
Communion of power
The senseless use of glory
Disaster fills the big box office
You make new friends
And they all come to see you die

Enter the hero
There’s no greater religion than truth, he lied
His hands were tied but he didn’t care
He was a country boy
Looking for adventure
Looking for adventure
Just a little adventure
A little adventure