Happy Families

Right from the very start
When you captured my heart
I knew that till the end of time we'd never part
Then you started going out with every girl in town
I used to hate your friends for telling me
I was a fool to hang around

'Cause I needed you
You needed me too
It was worth it for me to say

Then came the final test
She was different from the rest
Just like I said
This must be true love forever and ever

You saw her seduce me
As you introduced her to me
You said you wanted us to be one big happy family

We could be so good together
Lets try and make it last forever
You must admit there's strength in numbers
The combination is love like thunder, baby
Love like thunder, baby
It ain't any wonder
Just love that satisfies my hunger

Welcome to...........
Your devotion was rewarded
When I fell in love with my best friend