Watch You Drown

You're alone tonight once again
For once in your lonely life you had a friend
Oh, you're alone tonight, it had to end

But you think I will come back, baby
Whenever you want me to
You know that's something
That I'm not used to
Come back baby
We could start all over again

You ought to be careful now you're out at sea
There's so many smooth talkers around who're not as kind as me
I'll be there to watch you drown finally

You know they're gonna love you and leave you
Such a stupid contradiction
It makes you happy
But then your whole life's friction
Come back baby
We could start all over again

I remember this girl a long time ago, just another face
I looked for some sign of concern, not a trace
Then she invited me back to her place

She thinks I'm gonna come back and love her
And need her and forget completely
Come back baby
Doesn't fate run sweetly
Destroy each other and then
We could start all over again