This Ain't All (It's Made Out To Be)

I hope this isn’t gonna be
One of those long nights
Waiting for the phone to ring
Never on time

Does somebody care about me?
Does someone want to know?
Does someone wanna be with me tonight?
Or maybe tomorrow?

Such a tragic point of view
With all that love demands
If it means that much to you
There'd surely be a chance

Oh, come on, you've gotta be kidding me
You've gotta got got got gotta gotta be kidding me
Baby, it’s plain to see
This ain't all it’s made out to be

Thousands mount at your feet
And choose to remain there
I could not be complete
If I had no place there

I always said it’s up to you
I’ll serve you my whole life through
Maybe today I'll know
Or maybe tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
There’s always tomorrow