It’s a different kind of life
When you’re on this programme
You see things you never thought could be seen
You get the other side of life
When you’re on this programme, baby
Things get dirty when they look so clean

I don’t even recall the things
That you accused me of
I feel so far away from everything
I ever loved, I ever loved

Oh, you know you’re gonna sweat
When you’re on this programme, honey
The lights are glaring, it’s a cold heat
We’re all God’s children and we've got
A constant struggle in the face of defeat

I’ve been having bad dreams
I can’t get to sleep at night
I feel so far away
I’m walking along the edge of time, the edge of time

Look at him, he’s hurt now, he’s bleeding
The curious will come and see him
They fantasise about his life
They seek humour in it

Every time you drop your guard
You find it twice as hard
To reconcile your feelings
You can always justify
All the times you've almost died
Saying life ain’t that appealing

You're a celestial being trapped by life
You prefer existence on the other side
The local residents are all white
And their morals are well defined