Bright Lights

When I look out into the street
I see the bright lights
It's so dark and cold
And I'm all alone
With those bright lights

(Bright lights) I wish I was younger
(Bright lights) Looking up, looking up
(Bright lights) I just caught a glimpse of her
(Bright lights) But even that was long enough

Far away the girls are dancing
Under bright lights
Since I was young I've always fancied
The bright lights

(Bright lights) They're so close to me now
(Bright lights) I can feel their tender touch
(Bright lights) Some people hide away
(Bright lights) But I'm gonna love it oh so much

There ain't no room for no one else
I've got it so bad
I keep on hearing about myself
It's driving me mad, wow

There ain't no rules to tie me down
If I want I can walk upside down
Never thought I'd get off the ground
Wow, folk rock